Monday, September 9, 2013

a final post

A heavenly Labor Day in McCall
First day of school 

Ruby draws ponies really good

Weekend getaway to WA to visit sweet baby Saul
Ruby and her cousins, Camila and Jimena

Well All, I have made an executive decision to end the blog. Ever since they got rid of Google Reader my world got turned upside down and I am a bit discombobulated with all the blogs I used to follow. I realize there is probably an easy fix to this issue (just download another reader source or something). But that would be too easy. And I'm still mad they shut down Reader. So here we are. Ruby and I moved out of my Parent's home, into our very own townhouse. One-car garage, 2 bed, 2.5 bath. I will say the bathrooms get a little ridiculous sometimes. A lot of fears surrounding moving: "I can't cook and what if I need a certain recipe? I don't know anything about plumbing or basic first aid including what to do in case of a rattlesnake bite! Someone please give me decorating advice because I'm not sure it's OK to use this many lamps in one room". Needless to say, I've taken matters into my very own hands and have found some great ceramics at the local thrift stores that are arguably a great asset to my decorating "toolbox". Key words for a few of my decorating nuggets: shells, kittens, baskets, fake plants. It's gonna look awesome, guys. I work a lot. Still doing Home Health. Really liking my job, lots of old people, lots of interesting homes. I am done with work by the time Ruby is out of school (all day Kindergarten). I am single again. It is a good thing though I think. I have learned a lot from being in the relationship and being out. I don't know what else to say. Life is good. I'm learning a lot about myself as I've been on my own, just me and Rubes. I'm becoming more aware of myself and am taking control of the choices I make in my life. It is a good feeling. I am blessed. I have good people in my life. I'll see you around. Come visit anytime! Ruby has a trundle bed that sleeps probably 3 comfortably, 5 uncomfortably. And I buy the best snacks. Hey oh!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

san diego part II

ruby and i kicked off summer 2013 with a fantastic trip to SoCal. Highlights:
cabrillo national monument
sea kayaking
coronado island beach
seal beach, la jolla cove
fashion valley mall complete with photo booth pictures
balboa park
cupcakes in hillcrest, where daniel got majorly stared at by 3 (maybe more) gay men. we definitely high fived afterward.
in-n-out burger
swimming at the neighboring apartment complex
horses, ponies
getting fitted for running shoes at a fancy running store
witnessing boot camp at the marine corps recruit depot
being with daniel 24/7

very fun trip. san diego is a gorgeous place, a lot of people. it basically felt like a party everywhere we went. and everyone drives a nice car. even my hair was doing awesome things over there. maybe it was the sunshine and the perfect weather or something that made it wave just right.
seaworld was incredible. all those animals trained to perform, on cue and everything.
ruby had a blast. she's a fun girl to travel with.
looking forward to our next summer adventure!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

san diego

i met a guy. his name is daniel. he is really cute and perfectly fits the description "tall, dark, and handsome". we met online (i know, right??). we talked everyday and all day for 4 weeks, on the phone, texts, skype, and google chat, to be very specific. feeling like the "relationship" could not move forward without meeting in person, i flew to san diego, where he lives, and we had ourselves a most memorable weekend getting to know each other better. we went to the beach, talked a lot, got lost trying to find a delicious mexican eatery, had pinkberry frozen yogurt, bought candy at walmart, ate breakfast food at denny's, rode on his super fast motorcycle, rode in his really fast sports car, he made me a survival bracelet (he's crafty too), i fell asleep a lot, and we played scrabble in our pajamas. then we got matching tattoos. just kidding. oh, and we shared our first kiss on the pier at huntington beach next to ruby's restaurant. tmi?
we "get" eachother. we are very different in many ways, but that is what i love most about us. we bring out the best in one another. he's very honest, expressive, and he really likes me.
i feel like i am the lead actress of a romantic comedy. i just hope the movie doesn't involve any accidents where one of us gets amnesia or he is secretly a vampire. did i tell you he read the entire twilight series? yeah, he is pretty cool.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

hwy 95

s&p shakers, my favorite being the fishes

cool poster on the window of the local theater. and ruby...smoking?) 

cool storefront built in 1904

i had to do some work in a couple towns outside of boise and mom and ruby tagged along. on the drive back we stopped at several thrift and antique stores, which is a requirement when going on any kind of road trip with my mom. if you're not familiar with weiser (what! you've never heard of it?), it is where they hold a nationally acclaimed fiddle festival every year. and apparently they are home to one of the largest vintage dress stores. unfortunately it was closed but i will definitely be going back. i almost bought several things at the stores we visited, including a really comfortable and lightweight pink chair, those orange lamps pictured, and a 1985 raleigh cruiser bike in perfect condition for $200.  it was one of those days where every store i went in seemed so magical and enchanting, and everything on the shelves was so cool and not dumb. and the weather outside was unusually pleasant. then we went into this one store that had a billion different kinds of salt and pepper shakers. they were really cool. i guess i have a thing for small ceramics. 
i could get used to this out-of-town business. sorta like a stay-cation.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

why is this so funny? oh wait, you probably had to be there.

just going through some old youtube videos and this made me lol again. sister sonya martin, missing you and know you're doing great things in russia. and erin, such a wild card. you crack me up, hermana.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


here is a panorama of erin (apparently on her cell phone) inside a display at ikea. we went to UT this weekend for some R&R. it was fun. highlights: riding on the train back to ogden with whitney and emily, cooking potato soup with emily, going to the hot pots in an ogden canyon with the kiddos, watching emily and geoffrey create for me an ldssingles account (i don't think i can do it, people. online dating scares me...), and roaming the halls of the grand america hotel, killing time before our train arrived. thanks to emily for hosting us in her home. i always love sharing a bunk bed with ruby whenever i can.

in other news, i am now employed. i do home health nursing. it's been quite an adjustment, going from unemployed to employed, from student to RN, from no pay to paid, from stay at home mom to working mom, from irresponsible to responsible. i am probably not alone in feeling very overwhelmed and inadequate with a new job. it takes a few weeks/months to "get it down", right? i think so...i hope so. for the most part my schedule is pretty good. i don't ever work nights, the hours are fairly flexible, i like my co-workers, i get home at a decent hour most days, i have my weekends, and i can listen to music on the job (in my car while i'm driving around). every job has its pros and cons.

well, now that downton abbey has ended, i am going to need something new to look forward to. i hear lost is pretty good. may have to check that. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the fog has lifted

i was having such a good day (primarily because the inversion that has been clouding the city and polluting our lungs has blown away). then downton abbey threw the world a wild twist and i'm a little shattered and having to deal with my emotions.  and ruby is by my side NOT going to bed. i get mad a ruby for several things, one of the top things being NOT GOING TO BED WHEN IT IS TIME.  by the end of the day, i don't want to deal and resort to creating outlandish consequences for bad behavior. "get out of bed one more time and i WILL pop your balloon!" 
i also learned today that a friend of mine's father passed away suddenly.  people go through some pretty hard things.  i am not exempt.  how grateful i am for the message of peace that the gospel brings.  i can pray to god and his spirit comforts me. the things in this life that are not right are made right through the atonement.  
earlier i was thinking of all the things i wanted to say on here. but now i can't seem to remember what they were. the muffled tears coming through the door seem to be blurring my memory.  i suppose i should go attend ruby.  (ruby: "why are you being so mean? it's never going to be morning.") 
in summary, i was feeling a full heart today. baby saul was sealed to his adoptive family yesterday in the temple.  i shed a few tears, only because the sense of loss that has accompanied my experience was pulled to the surface again.  
the course is bright ahead. steady as she goes. one day at a time. it's all i can do and i can be happy doing it. i am the captain of my own ship. and if you know anyone that might qualify to be co-cap'n on this party cruise, i think i'm ready.